My story and my commitment to your animals.

Lisa Marucci

After leaving my management job of 25 years in January I decided to follow my dreams. My passion has always been working with dogs so I knew that my journey had to take me in that direction. I currently volunteer in a shelter and I have had animals my entire life. Working with the shelter, I have helped transport dogs and cats to surgery, to other shelters and have done emergency pick ups. I have seen the instrumental work they do to be the voice of the animals that come through their doors. I have always rescued and my loves at home are a border collie mix named Raven, a pit mix named Blue, my senior cat named Meow Meow, and my 22 year old ball python named Buddy.  I am a recent graduate of  CATCH Dog Training Academy and look forward to using the skills I have learned from all of my experiences to provide care for your pet. 
I can provide the attention your pet needs and do strongly believe that  exercise is the best remedy for some unwanted behaviors and is essential for the well being of our dogs.  I also believe that our pets are happiest when they are in environments that they are familiar with.  Keep them home and happy!   These beliefs, along with my love for all animals, led me to create Nature Dogz. Thank you for trusting me to care for your pets. 

Certifications and Memberships