Frequently Asked Questions

Does my dog need to be up to date on shots?

Yes, for the safety of all of our clients, we mandate that your pets are up to date on their shots.  We ask that you have their vet records available. 

Are you licensed and insured?

Our trainer is CPDT-KA certified, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and member of the Professional Pet Guild. Yes, Nature Dogz is a licensed company, and is bonded and insured.   In addition, we have the following certifications:  first aid, dog walking and covid training for pet walkers/sitters.  

Do you give advice on equipment, like harnesses? 

Yes, we feel that the equipment is very important in the training process and will offer advice on that, and mental stimulation activities. 

Dog walks are used with client's equipment, unless deemed not appropriate.  At that time, we can discuss other options. 

Do you walk in inclement weather?

For training sessions, that is a case-by-case situation, and will depend on the dog and the training.

For pet sitting/dog walking, we walk rain or shine.  The only exception would be if there are storms in the area.  The outdoor temperature will also dictate where we walk so, we are not in full sun.  Pavement temps get very hot when the temp rises so we keep that in mind when deciding when/where to walk. 

Is there a contract and what payments do you accept?

Training:  an intake form will be emailed to you and there is a contract that will be signed at the first meeting.

Pet Sitting: There is a contract and dog information sheet that we will go over at the meet and greet.  I use a portal for communication called Time To Pet.  Payments can be made directly through your portal with any credit card.  We also accept payments via Venmo and Zelle. 

Will you ensure that the dog has water/food when they get home from a walk?  

Pet Sitting: We will ensure that the dog has fresh water and, if agreed upon, they will be given food.  If they need medication, we can also discuss that at the meet and greet. 

What other services do you offer while caring for my pet? 

If needed, we can also provide the following:  mail retrieval, light/curtain rotations, watering plants.   As this will be a case by case basis, it will be something we can discuss at the meet and greet.  

What training methods do you use?

We only use positive reinforcement in training.  We will not work with shock, prong or choke collars.  Retractable leashes are not utilized during leash training.  6 ft leashes and harnesses are recommended.  We would be happy to discuss equipment with you at any time.